Welcome to ticket poker.


This is an online tool to facilitate planning poker for development teams, especially remote or partially-remote teams.


I'm working in a distributed development team, and wanted a better way for us to estimate tickets.

Plus, I wanted to build something using Elixir/Phoenix, ReactJS and websockets. This project also uses Materialize CSS, highlight.js, and clipboard.js


Just create your team and get started. There are no accounts or passwords. Don't forget to bookmark your team's URL. When you create a ticket, share its URL with the members of your team and ask everyone to estimate its size.

For more information, check out this blog post

What prevents someone changing a different person's estimate?

Wheaton's Law If your team is not complying with Wheaton's Law, this tool will not help you.


Me: [Twitter] [Github] [Blog]


The source code is on Github. Feedback/suggestions/pull requests are very welcome.